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Income Protection

If we insure our vehicles, buildings, stock and other valuable resources... why would we not protect the income of the person who generates the wealth to provide the lifestyle?

Being healthy day in and day out, year after year of your working life is a pretty tall order. And like most of us you probably need the odd day or two off now and again for minor ailments.

But what happens if a major illness or injury prevented you from earning an income for a longer period of time - months or even years?

Neglecting to insure our most valuable asset... our ability to earn an income, could have a devastating impact on our cash flow and lifestyle if sickness or accident prevented us from working.

How would you make your mortgage repayments, pay school fees, run your car, and cover the costs of every day living - like food, phone and power? not to mention the additional medical expenses that you're likely to face.


Income protection provides you with a monthly payment if you are unable to work, due to sickness or injury, for more than 10 hours a week.

Think about it...
  • 56% of claims for 20-30 years olds were due to accidents, fractures and mental illnesses.
  • The average duration of all disability claims was 8 months
  • Claimants ranged from ages 22 - 64 for income protection claims.
  • Clients aged between 41-45 are the highest group of Income Protection claimants.
  • Cancer and heart disease was responsible for 28% of all income protection claims for 51-55 year olds.
  • Over two thirds of disabilities are caused by illness, and accordingly, no ACC benefit is payable.
  • Being disabled creates additional living costs, increased stress and severe lifestyle adjustment.
  • Approximately 30% of New Zealanders currently aged 40 will suffer a disability sometime before age 65.
  • Five in 10 males are likely to become disabled due to illness or accident before age 65.
  • Seven in 10 females are likely to become disabled due to an illness or accident before age 65. Of these, nearly a third will still be on claim 12 months later.

If you were unable to work for the next six months, what impact would that have on your lifestyle?

Your choice of Income protection options.
  1. Agreed Value - Primarily designer for businesses and self employed people. This options provides an agreed amount (Usually 55%)

  2. Indemnity - The alternative for salaried earners with very stable incomes. Designed to pay p to 75% of your pre-disability, taxable income.

Some income protection is tax deductible, and some income protection can be included as part of your key person protection, or as a group plan for your business

You have many options to choose from!

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