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Family Protection

Family protection

Your One Minute Lifestyle Check

A Quick and easy self-assessment of your insurance needs.

By understanding how you live, we can make better recommendations.

From one year to the next, things happen and life changes. People get married, have babies, get sick, get better, move house, start new jobs, get separated, go overseas, retire from get the idea.

What's going on in your life right now determines the type of insurance you need and the cover levels you require. That's why we'd like you to complete our One Minute Lifestyle Check.

Why should you do a Lifestyle Check?

The One Minute Lifestyle Check is a purpose-built tool that makes it easy to review your insurance needs. It gathers up-to-date information about lifestyle factors such as income, dependents, responsibilities and future plans. Armed with this information, Your Futureproof Life consultant will be able to make recommendations that are relevant to your current situation.

One Minute Lifestyle Check

Answer the following:

1. I have drafted a Will to distribute my estate to my loved ones?

2. I have full faith that the public hospital system will be able to provide full care for me if i need elective surgery?

3. I have hospitalisation and surgical insurance coverage that can provide for my hospital bills without and out-of-pocket expenses?

4. I have emergency funds (ie cash / cash equivalents / income protection insurance) to provide for expenses for at least six months?

5. I am able to manage my expenses for at least six months if i were to have a trauma such as a heart attack or cancer?

6. My day to day living expenses and ongoing bills would be taken care of if i suffered a total and permanent disability such as paralysis?

7. My house will be fully paid-up in the event of my death or disability?

8. I have life insurance and disability insurance coverage of at least 10 times my gross annual income?


Total Number of NO Responses:

None: Fantastic: Good job! You are managing your life's financial concerns and risks well. You might want to think about whether you are currently over-insured, getting the best value for money, or to ensure that your policies are relevant to your current circumstances.

1-3: Monitor: Most of your financial and risk concerns seem to be under control at the moment. However, whatever your circumstances, it is always good to review on a regular basis to ensure you are getting the best value for money.

4 or more: You should be on 'Red Alert'! What if the worst were to happen - Will your loved ones be able to manage financially? If you are wondering what you should do next, we strongly suggest that you make an appointment with a Futureproof Life advisor today. Don't worry if this check has given you lots to worry about, Your Futureproof Life advisor will be able to help you move forward.
For a FREE, no-obligation, personal and confidential review, please contact our team on 09 413 6070.

Source - Information and Questions provided by AIG Life New Zealand

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