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Health Insurance

health insurance

When people say nothing is more important than your health - they're right.

We choose the cars we drive, the areas in which we live and the schools our children attend - so why leave the choice of major medical care up to someone else?

The New Zealand public health system provides outstanding care for acute conditions, which can hit all of us without warning. 

Unfortunately, the public health system does not have sufficient funding to ensure people with non-acute conditions can be treated swiftly enough to prevent the condition from causing unnecessary long-term discomfort.

With private health insurance you are in control.

The right kind of health insurance provides you with more options, and the freedom to select the best specialists and the best hospitals.

You and your loved ones can avoid a huge waiting list to receive essential treatment.

Five important reasons to have health insurance:

1. You have a greater choice of when, where and how you are treated.
2. You have less stress about how to pay for our health bills - especially the big ones, like specialist's fees, hospital and surgery.
3. You and your loved ones can avoid long delays in waiting for treatment in the public health system.
4. You can get cover for any unknown health issues that may arise in the future.
5. You have immediate access to the latest recognised medical technology and procedures.

Choosing the right option for you

There are two main types of health insurance policies:
Comprehensive Care policies
These cover primary care costs, such as doctors visits, prescription charges, Physio costs and other everyday medical bills, as well as Optometrists, Dental, and of course specialist's fees, hospital & surgery costs.

Major Medical or Surgical/hospital policies
These only cover hospital & surgery expenses, (the big ones) and you have the option of having your specialist's fees paid for.

Ask yourself the following eight questions:

1.Have I any friends or family who have experienced a sudden or unexpected health scare?

2. Have I got things I would prefer to spend my money on, rather than medical bills?

3. Have I got savings and/or assets that I would prefer not to use, to cover unexpected medical bills?

4. Have I got savings and/or assets that I would prefer to not have to use to cover unexpected medical bills?

5. Have I got friends and family who had to wait for medical treatment?

6. My quality of life is important to me and I would not want to compromise it by waiting for medical treatment?

7. Do I want access to medical treatment faster if I experienced a health problem, so I do not have to put up with pain or be off work not?

8. Do I want my family to be well so I can enjoy time with them?

If you answered ‘YES’ to two or more of these questions, you are entitled for a FREE, no-obligation, personal and confidential review, and quotes for health insurance, CLICK HERE

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