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Lindsay, just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for what you do and how thoroughly you present the risks etc to us.  My brother has very sadly had a serious mountain bike accident and is now facing the rest of his life now in a wheelchair.  This is something you never expect will happen to ourselves or anyone close to us – we assume it will only happen to other people!   It’s an absolutely horrific experience for both my brother and our family, but the fact that his wife and kids are well insured and do not need to be concerned right now with finances, the mortgage and making ends meet takes away a potentially massive problem and allows the family to focus on supporting my brother.

Given I was planning to go mountain biking with my brother a few days before the accident it is a scary reminder of how quickly and suddenly something can happen that can radically change lives forever.
I simply wish to say thanks for your help in protecting us and that you are welcome to use this example if anyone is contemplating not having a living and disability insurance.  I would hate for anyone to go through something like this with the extra and unnecessary pain financial pressure would add.
 - Steve Lee
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