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Statistically Speaking

Did you know…

11 important facts to consider

1. New Zealand's population is approximately 4,000,000 people.

2. Every year about 28,000 people die.

3. The cause of those deaths may surprise you…

4. Medical conditions and illnesses account for 94% or 26,320 people.

5. Accidents account for 6% or 1,680 people.

6. Of all the deaths, 65% or 18,200 are due to heart disease, cancer and strokes, cancer being the leading cause with 8,200 deaths.

7. Of the 28,000 deaths, only 3% or about 800 per annum were sudden. I.e. unexpected, diagnosed or untreated conditions.

8. The road toll for the past 12 months (as at 17 March 2011) was 351.

9. About 400,000 income earners are disabled for at least 3 months every year.

10. The cause of those disabilities are approx 16% accidents and 84% due to medical conditions and illnesses for which there are is no ACC cover.

11. About 768,000 New Zealanders were admitted to public and private hospitals last year.

Source: New Zealand Government health Information Service

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