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The Club Bodyguard

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, often throwing surprise attacks you never think will hit you.

If you own a house you probably have it protected by insurance in case it burns down, and if you own a car you probably have that protected by insurance in case it gets damaged or stolen.

But what would happen if you were seriously injured as a result of an accident, or suddenly diagnosed with a critical illness such as cancer, and couldn’t work for a long period of time?

Without cash flow how would you cope with your monthly bills?

The only way to defend yourself, and your assets, is to get a risk protection plan today and be prepared before illness or injury strikes. It’s like having your own Bodyguard in times of unexpected attacks.


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Protect your income.

Don’t let life’s unexpected attacks cripple your lifestyle too. If your ability to earn money suddenly stops, the bills won’t. Serious illness or injury can strike at anytime, anywhere, and usually when people least expect it, especially in young adults. The income attackers most likely to keep you from earning for a long period of time are chronic back pain, stress, and debilitating anxiety. Cancer is the next biggest threat to your freedom to earn an income.
Most people say it would be a struggle to pay the bills if their income stopped for just one month. How ready are you for a surprise attack on your income earning ability?
Defend your income from illness, injury or disability, with an income protection plan from The Club BodyGuard. It’s more affordable than taking the risk of not having it.


Protect your lifestyle.

If you were diagnosed with cancer, would you prefer a Get Well card, or a cheque for $500,000? Trauma cover will pay you a lump sum if you suffer any one of the 47 major illnesses covered, such as cancer or stroke. And let’s face it, if a major illness or serious accident hits you when you least expect it, the last thing you need is to have to worry about money.
Let the Club BodyGuard take care of that for you. While serious illness can steal your ability to earn an income, it doesn’t need to steal your lifestyle or home.

Protect your health.

To effectively battle chronic sickness or a serious accident you need to be prepared before it strikes and have the money to put up a good fight. If you need major surgery, the public hospital waiting lists are long, so why wait?

A health care plan gives you access to the best specialist health care services and treatment when you need it, and provides protection from unexpected medical bills.
It’s your life, and you deserve the best for it. So let the Club BodyGuard prepare a plan that will provide you with the best options available to suit your health care needs.

Protect your loved ones.

When an untimely death knocks on your door, it can take  a lot more than just your life. Without a financial defense plan, it can rob the loved ones you leave behind of their lifestyle, and valuable assets like your home.

So why gamble with life? Death attacks us when we least expect it. For a small amount of money, you can provide a large sum of money to maintain your loved ones lifestyle, and protect your assets, long after you’ve gone.

Be certain in an uncertain world. Call David today on 09 413 6070 or click here for David to get in touch with you.


Take action!

Call the Club BodyGuard today on  09 413 6070.

Live life protected with a defense plan you can count on.
It’s your life. Why risk it when you can protect it?
In New Zealand, 2 out of 5 people are unable to work for six months or longer due to illness or an accident at some point in their working careers.
• The average long-term disability insurance claim lasts for 2-3 years. Unless you have a defense plan, that’s a long time to be without income.
• Most people say it would be a struggle to pay the bills if their income stopped for just one month. How will you pay the monthly bills if you are suddenly unable to work due to illness or serious injury?
 • Chronic back pain, stress, and serious illness are some of the leading causes for long-term absence from work.
 • Ready to attack when you least expect it: cancer, stroke and heart attack, which account for over 80% of trauma claims in New Zealand, with the average age of a claimant being only 44!
• Just because your health suffers a temporary setback, doesn’t mean your lifestyle should suffer a permanent setback!

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